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The Secret to Growing Your Business is Hidden in Your Team

Each and every member of your team has incredible superpowers that will make them the ultimate asset to your business to hit the goals that you have - and in the era of The Great Resignation, honoring those superpowers is a key to retaining the kind of team members that will make your business more profitable that ever.




How I Became the Hero My Brand Deserved

In 2019, after years of working in the online marketing industry, I opened a brick and mortar co-working space in Mesa, AZ called She Works Here. The stress of running the business combined with a medication resulted in me having near-daily seizures that wiped my memory. I knew I needed to find a way to run my business to work WITH my nervous system.

Here's How Beth Can Help

Selling Saves Lives

I believe above all else, that in someone's darkest moment, a product or a service can be the thing that saves them from the depths of despair. That's why it's my mission to help you to get your product or service into more hands, more powerfully than ever before.

And that's why...

a portion of all profits at Branding With Beth are donated to The Innocence Project - a non-profit that provides legal defense to free wrongly-convicted inmates and gets them off death row. These are the lives we are committed to saving.