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Well Hello There...

I see you sitting there, with your ring light, tripod and your latest planner - scheming and dreaming up how you're going to make that brand of your dreams come to life once and for all.

You've got your Canva popped open, your latest content creation tools...

and maybe a chatbot or email marketing system up in a third tab for good measure.

You're no slacker. No one would ever dream of accusing you of that...

But what would they accuse you of?

You know exactly what the people who matter accuse you of -

Undervaluing your time & expertise...

Spreading yourself too thin, trying to be everyone you think you're supposed to be - 

And somehow missing out on nailing showing up as exactly who you are.

You realize this right?

You realize that all these problems you're having in building your personal brand are because of the lie you're living?

No - you aren't a fraud. 

You have no reason to be drowning in imposter syndrome.

What you have is a cold, hard case of thinking you need to be someone that you're not for your brand to finally be successful.





YOU - You're the reason I've developed the 12 Brand Identities to help entrepreneurs to tap into their own Superpowers & Kryptonite.

They're the personality types I created to figure out how to restructure my own business when I was having to choose between my business & my health as I sat in a neurologist's office being diagnosed with epilepsy.

It reached the point where the memory loss from my seizures left me with zero recollection of the prior day - day after day after day.

I had to figure out how to build a brand that didn't leave me stressed out by my 'failures' by building a brand designed for someone else.

And so that's why I do what I do -

I stalk brands like yours, help you to restructure everything from the way you show up, to how you communicate, to fixing what it is that you even offer.

See, you have superpowers beyond your wildest dreams.

But so long as you're stuck in a brand that's designed for superhuman strength when your gift is flight -

You'll never be able to show the world - or yourself - what it is that you're capable of.

You have to face yourself as a hero and a villain - because you are both.

Be sure to join me inside The Magnetic Entrepreneur League, or Get my Private Eye on your brand to start your Personal Brand Stalking Session.

xoxo -

Beth Griffith - The Original Brand Stalker



Ready. Set. ASSEMBLE!

Selling Saves Lives

I believe above all else, that in someone's darkest moment, a product or a service can be the thing that saves them from the depths of despair. That's why it's my mission to help you to get your product or service into more hands, more powerfully than ever before.

And that's why...

a portion of all profits at Branding With Beth are designated to The Innocence Project - a non-profit that provides legal defense to free wrongly-convicted inmates and gets them off death row. These are the lives we are committed to saving.