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The Celebrity Brand Identity Quiz

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The Philanthropist Brand Identity

NO NONSENSE + CELEBRITY: The Philanthropist
This direct yet luxurious type is motivating for many people who aspire for this lifestyle.
They naturally show up as high-end and will continuously work to build their brands to the point that they are millionaires or beyond - because they want to be able to give and serve the world with their affluence.
Their brands often feel like you've walked on a red carpet into a high end benefit or Gala.
If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to have people admire you, the following WILL happen:
-You will overspend to look like you live this lifestyle.
-You will struggle with imposter syndrome and believing you are worthy of the brand.
-People will chalk you up to being a b****.
-You'll begin feeling like you can never live up to people's expectations of you.
If it truly is your type, though, it will fit great! You will be able to incorporate humanitarian efforts into a luxurious lifestyle brand.
Here are...
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The Rockstar Brand Identity



This confident & entertaining type is a natural performer who can't help but be seen, but has a 'stage' persona vs. an 'off-stage' version of themselves, and neither one is inauthentic.

While audience growth is important to them, they are not willing to sell out on their performance or 'art' for the sake of money and fame, yet they battle with wanting these things at the same time.

They have a slight edge, imperfection and self-acceptance that others envy.

For them to stand out in their industry, they must lean into what makes them the artist and entertainer that they know they are capable of being.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to get attention, the following WILL happen:

-You'll likely go TOO edgy or bad*** and the people you actually want to have as clients will be repelled by you.

-You'll feel pressure to create things that sell - not your own art trusting and knowing that what you need is created...

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How the Girl (or Boy) Next Door Manifests Money


If you are the Girl Next Door, Nicole Henry has insight for you on how you are meant to manifest money into your life.

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The Hero Brand Identity



This wholesome, moral type has something that they believe in, and they'll never apologize for it.

They naturally show up as the 'helpers' that Mr. Rogers talks about in his famous story about how his mom told him to react to tragedy.

Their brands often feel like a friendly authority figure who works within existing systems to create change.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you build a brand that is an attempt at this experience, this is what will happen:

-You will feel underappreciated for the level of work that it takes to get the things done that you want to accomplish.

-You will struggle to see things through to completion because of the levels of loopholes required to intact change the way you want to.

-You will be exposed sooner or later for hiding behind a heroic persona, and you will receive more backlash for it than any other type.

If it truly is your type, though, thank you for doing your job, and for being able to do so much...

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The Nerd Brand Identity



This accepting, intelligent type is often feared because of their attachment to accuracy and data.

They naturally show up as smart individuals with an extraordinary amount of unexpected knowledge about unexpected things.

When they gain the confidence to build a brand they can be relied on for... well, being reliable. They're reliable to do what they say they will as well as having the best, most current information on whatever they're passionate about.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you for some reason were like, "Hey, I think it would be cool to pretend I'm a nerd," the following WILL happen:

-You will not have the unexpected attention to detail that it takes to have such a data-heavy brand, and people will try to discredit you.

-You will worry about whether or not you are liked, because you don't love data more than approval.

-Imposter syndrome will be your constant companion, because you'll know that you haven't done the research...

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The Market Manager Brand Identity



This warm, nurturing type is a rock for the people they create a platform for with their brand.

They naturally show up as gentle organizers, who gather people or curate products in a way that puts OTHERS on display instead of themselves.

They then are elevated by association.

Their brands often feel like they are gentle wallflowers who are surrounded by powerful people, and it suddenly gives pause to anyone who sees them - how can such a gentle and kind nature wield such power?

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to have powerful people surround you, the following WILL happen:

-You will struggle knowing that you are using people for your own success.

-You will feel resentful about the fact that so many people 'use' you to get seen.

-People will not take the platform you are building seriously, because they will be able to feel that it is solely self-serving.

If it truly is your type, though, yay!! I've...

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The Girl (or Boy) Next Door Brand Identity


NURTURING + CELEBRITY: The Girl or Boy Next Door

This wholesome, friendly type is lovable, respected and someone people generally just want to have around.

Audience growth for them comes easier than it does for pretty much any other type without them having to use polarity or uncomfortable tactics to get attention.

Their brands often feel like you've been invited to their home for a BBQ, and lots of people feel like they're really good friends with the person who runs these brands.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to get attention, the following WILL happen:
-You'll be exhausted by all the people who think that they are your BFFs, but you know they aren't.
-You'll feel like you're constantly having to put up a fake, bubbly persona that drains you.
-People will expect you to have high, positive energy that you cannot maintain.
-You'll begin feeling used and burnt out.

If it truly is your type, though, congrats! Your brand will be able to grow...

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How the Brand Identities Manifest with Nicole Henry


Nicole Henry is the Money Energy Goddess, and a no-nonsense coach that helps women to heal their money energy and attract more moulah into their lives.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction & Money Manifestation, you will be hard pressed to find people who are as good at teaching it as Nicole - and she agreed to join us inside of The Magnetic Entrepreneur League to share about how each of the 12 Brand Identities are able to create more income in less time.

(Transcription to come.)

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