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The Girl (or Boy) Next Door Brand Identity


NURTURING + CELEBRITY: The Girl or Boy Next Door

This wholesome, friendly type is lovable, respected and someone people generally just want to have around.

Audience growth for them comes easier than it does for pretty much any other type without them having to use polarity or uncomfortable tactics to get attention.

Their brands often feel like you've been invited to their home for a BBQ, and lots of people feel like they're really good friends with the person who runs these brands.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to get attention, the following WILL happen:
-You'll be exhausted by all the people who think that they are your BFFs, but you know they aren't.
-You'll feel like you're constantly having to put up a fake, bubbly persona that drains you.
-People will expect you to have high, positive energy that you cannot maintain.
-You'll begin feeling used and burnt out.

If it truly is your type, though, congrats! Your brand will be able to grow easily by you just being yourself - because you're someone people naturally want to be around!

Here are a few people *that I would type* as this Brand Experience Identity for you to go stalk:

@americansheriff (Surprise! You might think he'd be a hero type, but his primary is actually Boy Next Door!)