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The Philanthropist Brand Identity

NO NONSENSE + CELEBRITY: The Philanthropist
This direct yet luxurious type is motivating for many people who aspire for this lifestyle.
They naturally show up as high-end and will continuously work to build their brands to the point that they are millionaires or beyond - because they want to be able to give and serve the world with their affluence.
Their brands often feel like you've walked on a red carpet into a high end benefit or Gala.
If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to have people admire you, the following WILL happen:
-You will overspend to look like you live this lifestyle.
-You will struggle with imposter syndrome and believing you are worthy of the brand.
-People will chalk you up to being a b****.
-You'll begin feeling like you can never live up to people's expectations of you.
If it truly is your type, though, it will fit great! You will be able to incorporate humanitarian efforts into a luxurious lifestyle brand.
Here are a few women *that I would type* as this Brand Experience Identity for you to go stalk:
Nicole Henry
Lenka Lutonska
Gabby Bernstein
Minky Brady
Angelina Jolie