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The Rockstar Brand Identity



This confident & entertaining type is a natural performer who can't help but be seen, but has a 'stage' persona vs. an 'off-stage' version of themselves, and neither one is inauthentic.

While audience growth is important to them, they are not willing to sell out on their performance or 'art' for the sake of money and fame, yet they battle with wanting these things at the same time.

They have a slight edge, imperfection and self-acceptance that others envy.

For them to stand out in their industry, they must lean into what makes them the artist and entertainer that they know they are capable of being.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to get attention, the following WILL happen:

-You'll likely go TOO edgy or bad*** and the people you actually want to have as clients will be repelled by you.

-You'll feel pressure to create things that sell - not your own art trusting and knowing that what you need is created by your self-expression.

-You'll struggle to be 'edgy' or interesting enough, and so imposter syndrome will be your enemy and companion.

-You will feel TRAPPED trying to show up in this brand.

If it truly is your type, though, congrats! Your brand will be an incredible place for you to express yourself through what you put out into the world, and people will adore your authenticity.

Here are a few people *that I would type* as this Brand Experience Identity for you to go stalk:

Katie Halle Lambert
Billie Eilish
JP Sears
Aubrey Plaza
Jennifer Lawrence