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The Market Manager Brand Identity



This warm, nurturing type is a rock for the people they create a platform for with their brand.

They naturally show up as gentle organizers, who gather people or curate products in a way that puts OTHERS on display instead of themselves.

They then are elevated by association.

Their brands often feel like they are gentle wallflowers who are surrounded by powerful people, and it suddenly gives pause to anyone who sees them - how can such a gentle and kind nature wield such power?

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you pretend that it is to have powerful people surround you, the following WILL happen:

-You will struggle knowing that you are using people for your own success.

-You will feel resentful about the fact that so many people 'use' you to get seen.

-People will not take the platform you are building seriously, because they will be able to feel that it is solely self-serving.

If it truly is your type, though, yay!! I've...

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