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The Hero Brand Identity



This wholesome, moral type has something that they believe in, and they'll never apologize for it.

They naturally show up as the 'helpers' that Mr. Rogers talks about in his famous story about how his mom told him to react to tragedy.

Their brands often feel like a friendly authority figure who works within existing systems to create change.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you build a brand that is an attempt at this experience, this is what will happen:

-You will feel underappreciated for the level of work that it takes to get the things done that you want to accomplish.

-You will struggle to see things through to completion because of the levels of loopholes required to intact change the way you want to.

-You will be exposed sooner or later for hiding behind a heroic persona, and you will receive more backlash for it than any other type.

If it truly is your type, though, thank you for doing your job, and for being able to do so much...

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The Nerd Brand Identity



This accepting, intelligent type is often feared because of their attachment to accuracy and data.

They naturally show up as smart individuals with an extraordinary amount of unexpected knowledge about unexpected things.

When they gain the confidence to build a brand they can be relied on for... well, being reliable. They're reliable to do what they say they will as well as having the best, most current information on whatever they're passionate about.

If this isn't genuinely your Brand Experience Identity and you for some reason were like, "Hey, I think it would be cool to pretend I'm a nerd," the following WILL happen:

-You will not have the unexpected attention to detail that it takes to have such a data-heavy brand, and people will try to discredit you.

-You will worry about whether or not you are liked, because you don't love data more than approval.

-Imposter syndrome will be your constant companion, because you'll know that you haven't done the research...

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