There's a Superhero and a Supervillain fighting to show up in your brand. Take the Brand Identity Quiz to learn how to build a reputation of Superhuman Strength in your industry.



Building your brand without knowing which of the 12 Brand Identities YOU are is a big mistake.

You'd never go into surgery without knowing your blood type...

Or run a marathon wearing the wrong size of shoes.

Nor would you plan a wedding without meeting your spouse-to-be.

So why are you trying to build a brand without knowing YOUR Brand Identity?

Your Brand Identity in NOTHING like all the other personality tests you've taken.

It takes ideas like that [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] personality quiz, and puts them on steroids for your BUSINESS.

All of those tests hold big promises about how if you just understood yourself better, you'd be a better business owner. 

But they don't teach you how to market & show up in your brand... they just tell you about your personality.

The Brand Identity Quiz does what the others can't. It's going to unlock things like:

-How YOU are designed to grow your audience faster and with less effort.

-The business model that YOUR brand is best meant to serve.

-What YOU should be outsourcing so you know you're investing in the right places.

-Your Superpowers that make you uniquely qualified to serve your target market (and who that target market should be).

-The easiest ways for YOU to get the attention your brand deserves.

-An easy way to know where to focus next as you scale your business to its next iteration.

And when you Unlock your Brand Identity, you Unleash your business' potential by knowing what IT needs and how YOU are designed to do those things.