Stop hiding behind a brand that just makes you money and start running an authentic personal brand that even your team can create for without giving up sales & success

Inside The Magnetic Branding Method, you get so much more than a slab of colors and a list of words that you are told will make you money. You create a comprehensive brand that shows the world EXACTLY who you really are.

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This isn't your average sales page.

You know the type. The ones that talk about how there's one strange secret that will magically make your problems better?

You may think you're here to be sold.
To be persuaded.
To rationalize why you would invest in yourself and your business.

And if that's why you're here, you're going to be sorely disappointed.

You may also think you're here to learn about tools and strategies to hack your sales.
To learn the 'one trick' that finally works.
And finally hack your buyer's brains.

But if you're honest with yourself, right here, right now, that's just why you're telling yourself that you're here.

It's not why you're really reading these very words right now.

The reality is that the last thing your business needs is yet another color palette, set of fonts and a few design elements that will supposedly be the key to unlocking the next major milestone in your business.

And you certainly don't need to be told all the words and phrases to speak that will make you "irresistable to your dream clients."

You've been there, done that, hired the VA or team to help you.

Even though they did what the brand guidelines told them, it looked like you were just a model representing someone else's business.

You've been lost in your own personal brand.

Why's that, you ask?

There's this thing called justification. You've spent thousands learning how to build a brand that makes money. 

You've poured years of your life into business, and that business hasn't returned the favors and dedication by pouring into YOU.

You watch everyone out there preaching about how you just need to be authentic and show up as exactly who you are...

And then in the next breath they tell you what your authenticity is supposed to be, what it's supposed to look like. 

It's like your authenticity is supposed to come from them and their ideas of you instead of from, well... YOU.

You're reading this because you know you want this to change, and you need to know if you can justify choosing The Magnetic Branding Method™ as the path to change it. 

The reality is part of you is already saying, "Yes, I've felt the power and impact of stepping into my Brand Identity Profile™, but now I need some logic to help support my gut instinct."

Forget Justification - I'm Joining the Magnetic Branding Method™

This isn't an average sales page, and you're okay with that because YOU are not an average entrepreneur.

There are two types of entrepreneurs... We'll call them Superheroes & Supervillains.

Superheroes are confident in their likability.

They know that what they're doing in the world matters, and that people want and need it.

They have embodied their strengths and while they are aware of their weaknesses, they don't allow it to hold them back.

And honestly, this full embodiment & mastery of their superpowers results in them being rewarded and supported by the people they impact.

And then on the other side, we have the Supervillains.

I know that the world has shown you that Supervillains are terrible, evil people who want to create anarchy.

But here's another perspective:

Supervillains are actually superheroes who are trying to be someone they're not.

Their fear of rejection has them lashing out and hurting others. 

It has these people that could be Superheroes acting as someone completely untrue and out of character to them, and their fear of embodying someone worthy of attention, affection and reward limits them.

It limits their impact, and makes it so the world actively works against their success.

And if you're reading this, there's a good chance that your fear of your Superpowers has you hiding behind being a Supervillain when you were born to be a Superhero.

If you weren't, you wouldn't be searching for something to help you to embody the version of yourself that will take you to your next level.

How does this apply to reality?

You pride yourself on your self-awareness, yet you know by the evidence in your health and finances that you aren't communicating that 'self' in a way that customers and team members can fully 'get'.

And you know that investing in more traditional coaches, courses and marketing tools... they aren't going to get you there.

You know more of the same won't help you to achieve your full 'potency' in your brand.

Your next level in your brand isn't going to be based on numbers and math.

Your next level in your brand is based on mastery of yourself.

I'm Ready to Master Myself & Make My Brand Magnetic

But here's your greatest fear, and the real reason why you haven't fully stepped into your true personal Brand Identity yet: 

You're afraid that if you go for it - and I mean really go for it - you're going to find out that the real you isn't good enough.

The real you is going to absolutely tank your sales.

The real you is going to drive your audience away, and you'll lose the respect of your colleagues.

And while you know that some of that might be something to take up with your therapist...

You also know that you having a business that you love to be the face of is on the other side of that fear.

You didn't start this business to be the stock photo on what ultimately has become someone else's business.

You didn't come this far in your pursuit of becoming an influencer (no matter how small) or thought leader to be influencing with someone else's thoughts and beliefs!

You've come this far because you know that what you have inside of you is so much greater than you've been able to share, and you have an impact you want to make on this world.

But up until this moment, every time you've started to tiptoe in the direction of true authenticity, this happens:

  • You start to overthink it and your perfectionism ends up wasting a whole lotta time and slows down your flow of customers.
  • You find yourself holding back in your attempts at being 'authentic' on social media and end up warming up your audience... to go buy from someone else.
  • The marketing gurus tell you what to say to make money, and it ends up attracting high-maintenance clients you hate working with... or it tanks your sales entirely.
  • You hire photographers who seem to capture someone completely different than you in the pictures.
  • You tell your story that you've told a thousand times, and although it makes sales, you know it's not hitting as powerfully as it should.
  • You end up outsourcing thousands of dollars in graphics and design that feel like they belong to someone else.

You've been there, right?

You deserve to know... it doesn't have to be that way.

I'm Ready to Harness the Power of My Persona

Good News: The Superhero You could STILL make the money you know your business is capable of making... And it just requires a Method that goes directly against what everyone else is telling you to do.

Everyone has told you to just speak to your clients problems and use the language they use.

But you've lost yourself in the process. Luckily, there IS a better way.

And it's called The Magnetic Branding Method™

(Let's get into how you can justify joining, shall we?)

Magnetic Brand Foundations

Build your brand based on who you are at the core so that you know you're building your brand as the Superhero that you are.

Magnetic Brand Messaging

Translate the Brand Foundations into useful messaging that helps you be sure you're speaking to your perfect buyers in a powerful way.

Magnetic Brand Visuals

Learn how to more effectively communicate your Magnetic Message  with design & color psychology for your best brand yet.

Magnetic Brand 

Create tools like a Brand Guide, Content & Visual Library, and more to make showing up consistently easier than ever before.

Brand Identity Bonuses

Brand Identity in a Box - $800 VALUE

Heroic Money Mindset - $1200 VALUE

Magnetic Branding Bonuses

1-Hour Brand Visuals Intensive with Taylor Douglas - $150 VALUE

Testimonials Every Day - $127 VALUE

Join the Magnetic Branding Method Now™

What do you get inside The Magnetic Branding Method?

When you join the Magnetic Branding Method™, you get all of that amazing information & bonuses...

But you also get support to actually implement it.

You Get: 

  • Biweekly group intensives with Beth (MBM & BI creator) where you'll dive more deeply into the what and why of your supervillian tendencies and receive strategies to move into your more powerful superhero self.

  • Weekly MBM group activation lessons lead by a brand identity handler that includes an hour of implementation to work to meet you where you are with your growth in the Magnetic Branding Method™ 

  • 1-1 Calls with BI Handlers to validate your application of each levels lessons and the opportunity to book additional 1-1 calls for a more personalized strategy when it comes to implementing the lessons with the Magnetic Branding Method™  to your particular industry.

  • Monthly trainings with Coaches and Experts to address the burning questions of members of The Magnetic Branding Method™

  • Access to the Magnetic Branding Method™ Facebook group where you'll be able to ask for feedback from the group about things you are working on

  • The Brand Identity in a Box shipped to your home to help you to embody your Brand Identity more fully

  • The School of Superheroes with live trainings released biweekly to dive more deeply into the nuances of your full Brand Identity Profile

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Superhero Success Stories

Lora began working with Beth on her childbirth education business in 2019, and in 2020 she hit her goal of being beyond fully booked as a doula & had to scale her business to where she was hoping to be 2 years from now. She's highly respected in her local birth community and her prior glass ceiling has shattered.

Lora Fiala
Doula & Childbirth Educator

Sami Bell came to work with Beth to help her to sell more nutrition supplements, but her whole world ended up being turned upside down when she realized her background in education & life experiences made her a fearless advocate for children, and now she is the author of S.U.R.E. Parenting, her own book, a leader of a group of over 2000 parents, and has been a featured speaker at retreats and events as a parenting coach.

Sami Bell
Creator of S.U.R.E. Parenting & Parent Coach

Nicole Henry came to Beth when she was ready to transition from being overworked and underpaid for her expertise, and together they structured and built out foundations for Nicole's programs on Money Energy, such as Finance Your Destiny, Nicole's signature course to help women create more money by getting in alignment with it. Nicole expanded on those foundations and now hosts events, has a full team supporting her, and has her own six-figure business.

Nicole Henry
Money Energy Goddess & Coach

Holli Johnson joined the Magnetic Branding Method and created a brand full of sass & spunk to sell her self-care and pampering products. She stuck with her brand messaging and continued to make it more true to her, and went viral on tiktok, and sold over $10,000 in low-price point products from her videos over the course of a few weeks.

Holli Johnson
The Pampered Bitch

Aubrey & her husband up and moved to Israel and had a very limited window to get their brick & mortar business up and running. They were able to book out their bodywork business while in The Magnetic Branding Method™ and now Aubrey has gone on to use MBM to fill her private coaching business. 

Aubrey Shoham
Energy Alchemy Mentor

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